Kilo Shop - Our sustainable business model

At Kilo Shop Germany we are committed to fashion for intelligent and authentic people, giving a second life to men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Our business model is fully committed to sustainability and respect for our planet, promoting recycling and extending the useful life of clothing.

The amount of clothing, footwear and accessories accumulated by each European citizen has increased by 40% in recent decades. And 87% of this merchandise ends up incinerated or in landfills where its slow degradation guarantees decades of greenhouse gas emissions: Less than 1% is used again.

These data only contribute to deterioration at all levels, including social and environmental: We have become accustomed to buying very cheap garments that we wear on average six times and that are not easy to circularize: if the original fiber is of poor quality, recycling is more difficult or impossible, and it is difficult to resell or remanufacture because its useful life is so short. For this reason, at Kilo Shop we only offer high-quality vintage garments that are respectful with the environment.

Come visit us at our store in Freiburg and discover the best second-hand clothes: Reduce, reuse and recycle!


Kilo Shop comes to Germany!

New opening of a vintage clothing store in Freiburg! On March 10, in a privileged area with maximum traffic (Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 191) we are very excited to open the first Kilo Shop in Germany. We sell by weight, offering a wider offer for people interested in second-hand fashion for women and men. Our business model is a key vector on the path towards a more rational model for the textile industry.

In our Kilo Shop, you will find coats and jackets, pants, shirts, skirts, jeans of all brands: Vintage fashion for women and men at the best price. Choose, weigh and re-launch!